Paris j’taime

Paris, France

I visited Paris as part of my first year architectural studies at Edinburgh College of Art. We took the bus all the way from Edinburgh to get and spent a week walking around the city getting to visit some of the buildings we would later go onto study.

Fast forward over 15 years, through education, work, career change, self employment and I had the chance to return again. It was amazing how quickly everything went back to the same way we viewed the city on our study trip. We walked miles each take taking in the sights, spending hours at exhibitions and eating in the most wonderful restaurants. We visited the iconic buildings of the Pompidou Centre, Musee du Quai Branly and Villa La Roche.

It was then I revisited the Musee D’Orsay, I stood once again in front of the impressionist paintings and remembered why I had studied art at school. I loved the bold colours and textures of the work. I loved that the physical paint marks were strong and visible. The trip inspired me to go back to my architectural training and understand about what influences me with form, texture and colour. I wanted to capture the city as I saw it as an architect and how the spaces were used.

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